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April 26, 1999
Hosted by Jim Ross and Jim Cornette
Hartford, Connecticut

• There was a dedication message in the beginning to the students at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.

• In the parking lot, Vince McMahon, Gerald Brisco, and Pat Patterson arrived in their limousine. McMahon, who had a briefcase with him, had a worried look on his face.

• Rock Interview.
- The Rock said he did what he said he would do the previous night at the Backlash PPV, and that was beating Stone Cold Steve Austin all over the arena. The Rock said he was still the People's Champ. He said he had a problem with Shane McMahon messing up the PPV match. Shane McMahon came out with The Corporation, including The Mean Street Posse. Shane told The Rock he basically handed The Rock the Heavyweight Title and The Rock failed. The Rock said Shane had three seconds to leave the ring before he laid the smackdown on him. The Rock punched down Shane, which caused Chyna to take a shot at The Rock. The Rock returned fire, but the entire Corporation started beating on The Rock. Shane held back The Corporation as if he wanted them to stop, but he ended up attacking The Rock by himself. Shane told The Rock he was fired from The Corporation. After the Corporation exited the ring, The Rock challenged Shane to a match with him later in the night. Shane accepted.

• Backstage, Vince McMahon told Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco he had what The Undertaker wanted in the breifcase. He said The Undertaker better not have harmed Stephanie in any way.

• Backstage, Vince McMahon seemed really worried about Stephanie.

• Backstage, The Corporation pumped up Shane McMahon.

• X-Pac and Kane defeated Gangrel and Edge (w/Christian) via Pinfall.
- The Tag Team Titles were not on the line. Christian got involved in the match, but immediately got thrown out by Kane. X-Pac kicked Edge into the hands of Kane for a chokeslam. Kane pinned Edge for the win. The lights went out and Kane was attacked by The Brood. When the lights came back on, Kane was covered in blood as a result of a Blood Bath. X-Pac was the only one behind him when the lights went on, so Kane chokeslammed X-Pac.

• Backstage, The Rock was getting dressed.

• Backstage, the phone rang in Vince McMahon's locker room. He picked it up and it was The Undertaker. McMahon told him he had all the documents for something, but he wanted Stephanie. The Undertaker said he wanted the documents out on the loading dock, where McMahon would find Stephanie unharmed. The Undertaker said he didn't want McMahon to deliver the documents, but rather Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Undertaker said it was McMahon's problem if it could not be arranged. The Undertaker hung up, as McMahon sat next to Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson with a worried look.

• Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview.
- Michael Cole was conducting the interview, but Stone Cold Steve Austin kicked him out of the ring. Austin was about to cut an interview regarding his victory over The Rock at the Backlash PPV, until Vince McMahon made his way down. McMahon said he needed Austin to deliver the documents to The Undertaker. Austin said that McMahon was saying he needed Stone Cold Steve Austin, and wanted to hear those words from McMahon. McMahon said those words. Austin said he had enough problems on his hand and he didn't care about McMahon's problems, since McMahon put him threw hell for 15 months every night of the week. Austin said that McMahon needed ... to kiss his ass. McMahon just walked up the rampway, watching Austin in the ring, as his music played. • Backstage, Vince McMahon told Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco he would deliver the documents himself to The Undertaker.

• D-Lo Brown (w/Ivory) defeated Val Venis with the Sky-High.
- As Val Venis was distracted by a surprise entrance of Nicole Bass, D-Lo Brown caught him with the Sky-High for the win. Ivory jumped on the back of Bass, but Bass just threw her to the ground. Venis left as quickly as possible as Bass had an eye on him.

• Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin passed by The Big Show. Austin asked Big Show what he was looking at. Big Show said, "It is his [McMahon's] daughter." Austin said he didn't give a rat's ass who it was.

• Backstage, Billy Gunn, along with Road Dogg, told Michael Cole he would teach Triple H a lesson about where he came from, which was D-Generation X. Gunn, with a cocky tone, said he would take care of Triple H "correctly," which caused RD to look at Cole like, "Huh?"

• Triple H (w/Chyna) defeated Billy Gunn with the Pedigree.
- Triple H dominated the match and he mainly worked on Billy Gunn's knee. Chyna interfered during the match, ramming Billy Gunn into the ring post. Road Dogg came down, but Chyna was blocked his way. Triple H caught the Pedigree on Gunn for the win.

• Backstage, Shane McMahon was with The Corporation, preparing for his match with The Rock. He whispered something into The Big Bossman's, as he and Test would take on Mankind and The Big Show. Shane then gathered up with The Mean Street Posse, saying "Now, this is important ..."

• Backstage, X-Pac was irate, searching for Kane.

• Mankind and The Big Show defeated Test and The Bossman with Mankind's Mr. Socko.
- Test and The Big Bossman showed some problems during the match. The Big Show did a huge double flying clothesline to Test and Bossman. Mankind pulled out Mr. Socko and shoved it down the throat of Test. The referee rang the bell, to declare Mankind and The Big Show the winners. After the match, Bossman attacked Test from behind with the nightstick.

• At the loading dock, Vince McMahon waited for The Undertaker's arrival. In the meantime, Stone Cold Steve Austin watched McMahon on a monitor and walked away.

• Backstage, X-Pac continued to look for Kane. Also in the backstage area, at the interview set, Hardcore Holly was shown beating down on Al Snow. He took Head and said he wanted rematch for the Hardcore Title.

• A black-and-white Clevage House vignette was shown, with a laughing audience heard in the background. Beaver Cleavage (who is former Headbanger Mosh and that will most likely be his name) was eating cereal and said he hated it because it was dry. His fine looking mom walked in with a tray of milk and told him, "You can have some of mother's milk." Beaver looked at the camera with a smile on his face.

• Backstage, The Rock walked back and forth in his locker room.

• The Godfather (w/ho's) defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) via Pinfall, to retain the Intercontinental Title.
- It was scheduled to be a non-title match, but Jeff Jarrett told The Godfather to put the Intercontinental Title on the line. The Godfather said he would, but if Jarrett lost, Debra would have to become one of his ho's. During the match, Val Venis came down and started to flirt with Debra. Nicole Bass came down and was upset at Debra since Venis was coming onto her instead. Venis left right away. From behind, after Jarrett was distracted, The Godfather rolled him up. Debra was about to go to The Godfather, but Owen Hart came down and didn't let Debra go.

• The sex slave, Meat, (Sean Stasiak) was shown somewhere with PMS, where they were rubbing on his skin.

• Ken Shamrock and Bradshaw went to a No-Contest.
- Bradshaw was scheduled to fight Ken Shamrock, but when Shamrock came down, Faarooq attacked him from behind. Test came down to save Shamrock.

• Backstage, Shane McMahon made his way to the ring, with a T-shirt that said The Crock.

• The Rock defeated Shane McMahon by Disqualification.
- As soon as The Rock started beating on Shane McMahon, The Mean Street Posse ran in and ended up receiving Rock Bottoms. Triple H then came from behind and attacked The Rock. Shane and him then started to beat down The Rock.

• At the loading dock Vince McMahon was still waiting for The Undertaker's arrival and started to walk away.

• Somewhere in the arena, The Ministry of Darkness dragged Stephanie McMahon down to the ring.

• X-Pac Interview.
- X-Pac called out Kane, but was attacked by Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart. Kane, who still had the red blood color on his skin, came down to save X-Pac. X-Pac was still mad and shoved Kane. Kane then chokeslammed him, but picked him up, put him on his shoulders, and walked out.

• The Undertaker came down with The Ministry of Darkness with Stephanie McMahon on the UT Symbol. They leaned it on the roped inside the ring with her on it. The Undertaker said what was about to happen wasn't his fault, but would happen because Vince McMahon did not live up to the agreement, which was to have Stone Cold Steve Austin bring down the documents to the loading dock. Paul Bearer started a "ceromony" of sorts between The Undertaker and Stephanie. Stephanie continued to scream. Ken Shamrock ran down to stop it, but The Acolytes took care of him. The Big Show then came down, but also was stopped by The Ministry. In the backstage area, The Big Bossman, The Mean Street Posse, and Triple H wanted to go out and help, but Shane McMahon wouldn't allow it. Paul Bearer said, "You can now kiss the bride," which was the point Stone Cold Steve Austin's music blared over the speakers. He ran down and stunned Midian, nailed The Acolytes and Viscera with a chair,and beat on The Undertaker. Austin freed Stephanie from the symbol. She hugged him tightly. Vince McMahon came down. He hugged Stephanie as the show went off the air.